Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An email from HEAR...

(I just received this email from H.E.A.R. and wanted to share with anyone not on their mailing list...)

Hello All,
This email is to inform all of you we, Highlighting Education andResources (H.E.A.R.), are back in business! We are able to providetechnical assistance and training opportunities to parents, schools,administrators, and staff who work with students who are deaf or hard ofhearing!We are able to provide trainings on most of the topics listed below:

A little hearing loss is a Big Thing, Socialization, Teaming, DeafCulture, Functional Assessment, Grieving the Loss of the Perfect Child,Growing Up Deaf, Raising Deaf Children, Parent-ProfessionalPartnerships, Transition in Deaf Education, Working with Children whoare deaf or hard of hearing, Assistive Technology, Classroom Acoustics,Cochlear Implants, Language Development, Phonics, Reading Techniques,Supporting Speech and Language, Role of the Educational Interpreter,Survival Signs and Gestures, Troubleshooting Equipment

*HEAR Modules were developed with funding from theIllinois State Board of Education*If you are interested in scheduling a training or have any questionsplease feel free to call or send and email to me at: 877-339-2686(v/tty) or sarah.scott@illinois.gov We look forward to hearing from you!

Sarah Scott, AssistantHighlighting Education and Resources (H.E.A.R.)
125 S. Webster Ave. Jacksonville, IL 62650877-339-2686
(Toll Free)217-479-4328 (fax)
sarah.scott@illinois.gov (email)
http://morgan.k12.il/us/isd/hear (website)

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Anonymous said...

This is really good news. Thank you for posting it.