Monday, August 20, 2007

Upcoming HOPE seminar...

Dear HOPE Participant:Our next HOPE Online seminar, "Partnering with your CI Audiologist: How toGet the Best MAP Possible for your Child" is aimed at parents of childrenwith cochlear implants but it is also of interest to anyone working withchildren with cochlear implants under early intervention or in educationalsettings. Our presenter, Terry Zwolan, is a cochlear implant audiologistat the University of Michigan who provides a very accessible discussion ofthe topic. Please note that since this will be given twice on the sameday, individuals need to sign up for a particular timeframe.We will be offering CEUs from both ASHA and AAA and captioning will beprovided.All of our courses are recorded and archived and are available for replayat any time. There are 40+ recorded courses available on a range oftopics. For sign-up and the full listing of HOPE events, go to:

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Maribeth Lartz said...

Deborah and other Pioneers-

Hope your school year is off to a good start. ISU classes started today. Thanks to Deborah for keeping us current. Miss you!