Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lyra's Listening Box

Or whatever she called it. You know, the one with the sets of duplicate toys. I can't seem to find a list of everything in there. I remember babies, cows, airplanes and horses. What else was in there? Also, if you have any ideas where to find items for the box, please add that as well. Just click on "comments" below to respond.


Deborah said...

I found cows at Target- they were 1.99 each. There were larger 4.99 versions, but I thought the smaller ones were fine.

Target also had airplanes in the Hot wheels section for ~ 1.75

Walmart has cute little babies for .97- and their clothes don't come off! no naked babies!

Anonymous said...

The Listen and Learn Box is on page 7 (in handout form) of the "Working With Families" pwrpt.
2 airplanes, trains, cars, cows, horses and babies. First I raided my kids toy boxes, then my neice's and nephew's. I've supplemented with items from garage sales, dollar stores, the dollar section in target and Toys R Us.
Shirley Israel