Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hello Pioneers!

and Cohort 1 (y'all really need to get a name!) I am creating this as a way for us to keep in touch, as well as a place to put questions and ideas out there for discussion among the Auditory/Oral Development Specialists. So, I'll try to keep up on this as best as I can. I'll continue to play around with the blog to try to make it meet our needs. If there are things that you'd like to see done with it, let me know.

I considered a message board, but found that those are a lot of work. I will be easy for us to make comments here, and the upkeep is pretty easy. I guess to start with, I will have my email address as a link on the home page. When you have something to post, just email it to me, and I will cut and paste it to the blog. If it looks like this may get used a lot, I may bring in a few more "authors" to help.

Cohort 1- this would be a great place to ask questions about practicum. I'm sure that as varied as the pioneers experiences were, someone will have ideas, suggestions, etc. for you :)

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Thanks for getting the Blog started. It will be great reading about everyone's experiences. Pioneers Rock!